My Commitment

As a professional loan officer, I know that the financing I arrange has additional ingredients beyond rates and fees – timely performance and personal service. I have an intense desire to honor the commitment to provide the financing requested in a timely manner, for to do so gives me the lifeblood of my success – loan referrals from satisfied realtors and borrowers. Chances are you are visiting this site based on a referral.

Interest rates change daily, even while a borrower is looking for a home. To alleviate the anxiety of a fluctuating rate market, many lenders offer us lock and shop loans. The borrower can, under most programs, choose to obtain a letter of commitment at initial application that will ensure that the rate being offered will be available at the close of escrow. This, however, does not preclude us from re-locking at a different lender any time a better rate can be secured prior to the close of escrow. I also have direct lending options and multiple lending partners with broker access to capital when this is the most advantageous route for my clients. This is the only real way to get the ‘best loan’.

Orange Coast Magazine has named me a Five Star Professional award winner in 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. Less than 3% of mortgage professionals have been named a 8-time Five Star Professional.

Goaline Communications and Research voted me one of the Top 5 Dependable Mortgage Originators of Southern California.

It has been proven that experience is key when you or one of your referrals needs a mortgage loan. I am dedicated to providing quality mortgage loans with the comfort of a more personal experience for my clients. Originating loans since 1980 provides me with the experience necessary to ensure my clients have access to capital at the best possible terms every time.

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